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"During these last two years God has used CDC to intervene in my life when I felt at my lowest. Not being able to work and provide for my family like I'm used to. Not only financially for bills but emotionally and spiritually. At times I felt like giving up.  I would get a call out of the blue from Lady Lisa as if God whispered in her ear and said, call and let her know I'm  still here. NBCDC is truly there for the community.  I'm so proud and grateful to be a member and a part of this community." 

--Doretha Lippett 2022

"New Beginnings CDC has provided me with so much support as a single, female homeowner in the community. As a recipient of NBCDC Community Christmas Bill Payment donation and a participant in the Financial Workshop, not only was I able to pay my bills but I also learned how to budget for my future.  

--Monica Pace

"I had to have my portion of the bill paid by the 8th of December. So this blessing was perfect timing for our family. Thank you guys so much for answering a prayer"    Coco Dailey 2021

"I have resided as a proud homeowner in this Moross-Morang community for many years. My favorite NBCDC project is the Moross Boulevard Project. The CDC fought tirelessly to hold those responsible accountable to keep our landscaping on Moross cut and clean on a regular basis. In addition those in our neighborhood who are trying to acquire more property are assisted with educational services such as tax assessment programs and many other services that make us feel like we matter. My taxes were lowered significantly because of a workshop I attended that was hosted by NBCDC.

--Michelle Robertson



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