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Family. Youth. Life. Work. Community.

Human Services


Human Services

A healthy community needs human services – focused SERVICES designed to assist families . We provide support and referral services for families in need.


Positive Youth Development


A healthy community promotes youth development through activities and experiences that are contructive and productive. We engage the youth of the community to optimize their individual and collective power to create a healthier lifestyle and community.

Community Development


A healthy community is formed when all stakeholders come together to build a community based on justice, equality and mutual respect. We are actively engaging and inspiring the community to make sense of the issues which affect their lives.

Work Force Development


A healthy community needs a strategy for economic stability that focuses on building people who in return build better communities. We support individuals by helping them to gain and improve their skills, knowledge and understanding in order to do their jobs well.

Life Skills Coaching


A healthy community empowers its members by increasing the skills needed to lead a rewarding life. We aim to raise the quality of life for members of the community through life skills, education, and coaching.

Coaching, Counseling, and Referrals are available by appointment.

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